4 Reasons For Choosing Shopify When Launching An Online Store In Singapore

Are you in the process of establishing an e-commerce website in Singapore?  Indeed, the reason that is holding you back is e-commerce platform selection. You do not want to rush on this step to avoid regrets at a later stage. Thumbs up for you are a wise webpreneur. Many newbies and veterans trying their legs on the virtual platforms make errors on their platform selection phase. They never pay attention to crucial details such as features and customer support.

So, after going online, their business start taking a downward trend and fail in the end. Congratulation because you are not ready to join that camp. If you are thinking of an e-commerce platform that will enhance your online journey in Singapore, Shopify can be a good choice. Here are the 4 compelling reasons why it is a worthy option:

Easy to use for anyone

The reason you took the time to decide on which e-commerce website solution to use in establishing your online shop is avoiding failure. After getting one, all you want is to start selling immediately. You do not have another bunch of time to waste in the setup process.  For this reason, having a platform that is easy to use and user-friendly is an upper hand. You want a platform where you can set up a store and start selling on the same day. This description represents Shopify.

Shopify comes with an easy to use a web editor. All features you require are availed. What you only do is to drag and drop the functionalities you need for your online store. Hence, as long as you are computer literate and understands English, you can set up your store on Shopify. To check it out and establish your brand online with a custom domain name and online store, go to www.shopify.com.sg/

An array of integration

Even if you have been running a brick and mortar in Pasir Ris or Yishun, you understand the importance of integration. You already have several systems that are working together in your business. The same principles operate in the virtual arena. Your online store needs to integrate with other systems to harness your productivity.

Shopify recognizes the importance of integrations. As such, it offers an opportunity to integrate your online stores with various systems such as CRM, the point of sale, inventory management, shipping, and payment gateways. Also, this e-commerce platform keeps on updating its software to give room for upcoming trends that you may need to integrate with your online store.

Multichannel selling features

As a webpreneur in Singapore, you are aware that selling on your online store alone will not guarantee high profitability. You must cast your nets wider if you will achieve your revenue and sales goals. For this reason, using various channels to drive sales is not optional. Shopify is the best platform for harnessing you multichannel selling. The platform allows you to integrate your store with various selling points such as social media and apps.

With Shopify, you can turn every potential customer meetup into a selling point. Also, the customers have a chance to shop without necessarily visiting your online site or e-commerce website. This way, you do not miss any sales which are a step ahead of your competitors.

Consistent Customer support around the clock

Customer service 24/7 is one of the misused marketing hypes by e-commerce platform providers. They promise to offer constant support only to get you in their camp. Once in, your regrets start immediately. No calls going through, zero email responses, and live chats offline always. If you do not want such frustrations, Shopify should be your consideration. This e-commerce platform has a proven performance record. You are confident that at no point you will lose a sale due to lack of technical support.

And those are reasons you should go for Shopify.

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